1. an ode to all that i miss from home

    toilet paper - 

    oh my dear quadruple ply charmin ultra extra lotion extra soft extra not school bought beauty,

    you deftly cushion my buttocks like a pile of clouds that have descended from heaven.  you do not compare, not even on the same spectrum, as the despicable 1 ply found in the tombs of the Warren bathrooms - this inferior impostor is still subordinate, twenty five sheets later. when charmin says that less is more, they have never realized that a lowly college student must bask, cocooned in the comfy your quilted velvet to create memories that will last through the months of toilet paper torture. your luxury glints in the glow of angle’s wings reflected off the porcelain bowl. 

    i never want to let you go, but alas it is frowned upon in college social life to hoard toilet paper under your bed. 

    washer and dryer -

    oh washer and dryer. how i miss your lovely, polished interior that never pills my most cherished clothes. i miss your monogamy with the clothes of my family, never cheating and leaving me to find long, black hairs the length of my arm wrapped in the sleeves of sweaters. i miss the way you preserve the texture and tightness of pants of every shape and size. you are never picky, never require $3 per load, and make even my coarsest jackets feel like unicorn bottoms (which i hear are quite luxuriously soft). 

    being naked - 

    oh the natural state of birth. there is nothing that compares to stepping out of a shower and just crawling into bed, heedless of roommates or floormates or bathrooms down the hall. i will never take for granted the feeling of frolicking through my bathroom, flip-flop-less and towel-less. but alas, there is some sense of modesty on an all-girls floor. how i await the days when my roommate has a four hour lab and i can bask in the beauty of walking around in a socially unacceptable about of clothing, even when -11 F outside, merely because. i. can. 

    parents - 

    well i guess i miss you guys a little.

    high school privilege.. never forget to say thank you for the little things because sooner than you know it you will have to go out and go to coffee shops with friends and to museums and parties and all you will have left to complain about is how little sleep you got, how much homework you have, how the toilet paper is too rough, and how you didn’t even leave the dorm today. 

    college is pretty awesome.

  2. how it feels to change your major…

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  3. Getting dressed to leave the house


    In the summer:


    In the winter:

    Cat puts on bunny hat


  4. when one of my non-BU friends posts about their 4.0 GPA


  5. i think once i get home i am going to sleep for around three weeks. that should be enough, right?


  8. my very anti-alcohol roommate just said that we should probably take a couple shots before we look at our chem grades… she even recomened whiskey.

    this is what chem 101 has done to us

  9. uwaaaah:




    In this time of term papers I wanted to draw my patron deity, Bullshitticus, god of students and general last minute fudgery, sitting upon his Golden Futon, attended by the muses Caffeina and Thesaurae, whose powers of artificial energy and pretentious vocabulary can be invoked in case of the all-nighter.

    I like to think he’s Dionysus’s second cousin or something.

    This is genius…

    all wise words from the sagest of the sage. 

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  10. When I exit my last final

  11. me after my chem final..

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  13. you know it is finals week when your roommate tries to lock the door while you are still in the room….


  14. to those of boston university early decision class of 2018, congrats! i am a freshman majoring in neuroscience and a probable minor in german. feel free to ask any questions:)

    welcome to bu, you punks! i know you will love it here!

  15. college… college happened. 

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